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Very good article and good discussions. I prefer using rumen protected fat as better energy source in limited way to reduce many metabolic problems in cows and buffaloes. We are supplying fractionated fats wherein either required triglycerides or fatty acids are supplied to animals , rather than stating as saturates or unsaturate fats. Moreover, we also have developed technology of supplying phosp ...
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Dear Rudra, Good to hear your view. However, protected fats in fact help reducing the risk of rumen acidosis, and protect agains metabolic dissorders and even immunitary ones, as we nowadays know that ketone bodies (coming from NEB) negatively affect the immune system. Therefore, protected fats are not only tools to increase milk production, "squeezing" animals; but they are helpful nutritional ...
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Fat contains over two times the amount of energy found in grain. This makes it a very good energy supplement for early lactation cows. The intake of supplemental fat should not exceed 5% of the ration. This corresponds to approximately 0.7 to 0.9 kg fat/day (1.5 - 2 lbs). If this is exceeded, rumen fermentation can be affected and milk fat depression, reduced feed intake and off-fe ...
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