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Wijaya Saputra Very strict bio-security measures should be implemented to control mycoplasmas
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In case of high titers (i.e > 12000 mean titer) for Ms with Elisa technique for a non vaccinated flock (Layer Breeder) at age 50 weeks, is it confirmative or do we have to proceed to another test?
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There is no sigle strain IB vaccine to protect variants present in your area. However, Ma5 from MSD is capable of providing protection against different strains. Spraying the vaccine at hatchery will provide better protection. Mycoplasma control at breeder level (Tiamulin at 25 mg per kg for 2days every 28 days in laying) produce Mycoplasma free chicks. This will reduce E.coli load in broiler Chic ...
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Dear Aftab AnwarThanks for sharing - I hope you will endure!In our work with poultry in Denmark and Russia, we have found that problems relating to the respiratory system are best regarded as secondary infections. We have found that when we reduce the ammonia level in the air, whereby we reduce the chemical inflammation of the mucosa in the respiratory system, many sicknesses "disappear" from the ...
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