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Dr zeeshan awan I agree with you, but differ in the aspect of reducing the protein content of the feed fed to them. Reducing the protein content will result in no uniformity in the growth of young birds and this could lead to shooters overriding the stunted birds by pecking them and other sorts of vices.
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*Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa* (LIFA) presented her first zoom lecture today (08/09/2020) on Epidemiology, Chemotherapy and Dietary Management of Fowl Cholera in Humid Tropical Climate: Case study from Nigeria by *Dr Stephen Adejoro (President of LIFA)* The scope of his discussion were outlined as follows: Aetiology, Route of infection, Symptoms, Incubation, Predisposing factors, Clin ...
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Narayan Banik This questions are very relevant and thank you Bank Pasturela multocida produced as well in it's pathogenesis endotoxin which additionally damage the liver,my prescription for the holistic management of fowl cholera must include the use of toxin binder,however unfortunately I did not mention this in my lecture because we did not use it in the case study presented,but more understan ...
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Folarin Fale This is not related to Fowl Cholera but treatment for lice (Menopon gallinae or Goniocotes gallinae), distributed throughout the body, is quite effective with permethrins in spray or powder (according to manufacturer's recommendation), and disinfection of the environment - removal of nests. Covering the nits in petroleum jelly prevents them from hatching and they then fall off. If ...
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We all know that rodents, cats and pigs are the main source of Pasteurella multocida for commercial poultry and therefore, POOR HYGIENE is the main culprit for fowl cholera. Those farms where hygiene, rodent extermination and proper Biosecurity have been ignored, are the ones that keep breaking with the disease. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost not just due to the economic impact of the ...
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Will most likely occured on or around age 26-28weeks in.laying flocks ,however if the farm is endemic, subsequent re occurrences will take an interval of 12 weeks to re occure wether you treat or opt for vaccination In our practice we discovered that liver degeneration is pathognomonic in fowl cholera and to get a lasting treatment the liver parenchyma cells must be regenerated ,so we need to devi ...
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I'd witnessed a situation whereby birds started dying when there reached week 10. Me and my team couldn't fathom the real cause of this sudden death. Many tentative and confirmatory tests were carried out, but all gave no particular causal of this death. But with this I read on Dr. Talapanen's wall, could the death of these birds be as result of Marek's prophylaxis failure? Please I need enlighten ...
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Ahmed Din Anjum good day Dr. Sir can a prolapse case be revers in a bird that already has it?
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