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Participation in Forum on August 4, 2014
SandySome thoughts on this. Yes birds require a higher bacterial load to get infected as they become aged. One probable reason is salmonella infection in birds will induce a tolerance- development of T-regulatory cells. This might be one reason why they require a higher bacterial load. Our lab conducts research in avian immunology- including pathogens such as coccidia and salmonella. Please keep i ...
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Thanks Muhammad
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MuhammadDo you have probiotics as well.Just curious.Thanks
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A novel topic I was not aware untll know about its potential usage in the poultry industry. My understanding in this area is limited. Probably more studies need to be conducted to understand the underlying mechanisms. A lot of studies have been conducted in humans to in phytobiotics in relation to its effect on cancer some of the findings could be used as a starting point to explain the underlyin ...
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Prof Paul Any thoughts why the first 10 d no effect but we saw an effect after 10 d even after withdrawal of SDPP
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Dr Sangita Thanks for the great presentation. I am Antrison Morris a doctoral student at The Ohio State University. I saw your presentation on pre-biotics and it was quite interesting because of the nature of research I do in nutritional immunology-poultry. I had a few questions I would like to ask you. Could you give me your email, alternatively my email is Thanks Antrison Mo ...
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June 17, 2014
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