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breed upgradation relates to not only quality of milk but also quality of dung and urine as manure,pesticide, medicine, disinfectent. limited information available suggests quantum inferiority of dung/urine from hf and even exotically cross bred desi cattle as manure/pesticide/medicine/disinfectent in comparision to that of pure desi cattle. this moot point of immense agronomic and therapautic im ...
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This is the right suggestion. Anyone advocating for exotic breeds or upgradation with exotic breeds must read 'devil in the milk'. A1 A2 milk controversy raging in dairy tycoons such as US, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, etc. It´s an eye opener for India. Unhealthy character of A1 milk from unhumped cow and extremely healthy milk of A2 milk from humped cow, and all panacea dung/uri ...
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devil in the milk-a book and many literatures have revealed detrimental effect of exotic cow milk and instead appreciated that of bos indicus. indian desi breeds with hump,dewlap and horns but domesticated in last century in brazil, us match any hf breed in milk yield. why cannot indian desi breeds perform similarly in india? problem lies with us and our west centric veterinary knowledge system an ...
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