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Chief Operating Manager for AVEEM Food Processing Nigeria. Consulting on Fish, shrimp and molluscan aquaculture
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Management of aquaculture related sludge and its impact on the environment is a major concern in almost all the major shrimp and fish producing countries.It is important that all the concerned stakeholders follow a responsible approach to this issue looking into the future of sustainable aquaculture development in that region.With international aquaculture related certifications like ASC becoming ...
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WFS is significantly affecting shrimp production in AsiaIn 2016, White Feces Syndrome (WFS) has been reported to be a disease problem affecting significantly shrimp farmers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. WFS has been reported since 2010 in Penaeus monodon. From early times, the development of WFS has been related with the presence of high loads of organic matter in the cultu ...
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Over the past twenty years, much success has been realized in the efforts to reduce the amount of fish meal in aquafeeeds in favor of other feedstuffs. Demand of fish meal as a principal source of protein has decreased due to many successful achievements, but is poised to increase as attention is being directed to the farming of more carnivorous species. A variety of approaches to achieve total su ...
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Sir, in one of my pond water colour is back brown. How to prepare for catching blooms?
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Is there any possibility of frequent dinoflagellate blooms causing low survival rates and retarded growth in the shrimp ponds?. Can the toxic effect the of dinoflagellates can cause disproper functioning of hepatpancreas in shrimp juveniles or adults. Do diniflagettates have any role in the slow growth syndrome nowadays commonly seen during the culture of P. Monodon .
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The article written by Mr. Olivier Decamp was very informative and well written. I will add to some of his points from my experience in managing the only shrimp farm in Nigeria of West Africa. We culture P.monodon. mom don't in our farm and adopt a nursery system before stocking the seeds into our ponds. We do stock end on our seeds anywhere from a stocking density of 600 to 1200/M2 in our HDPE li ...
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There is a need to increase biosecurity measures in the shrimp aquaculture industry as part of the 'new normal'. It is not a secret that the shrimp industry in many countries has suffered considerable economic losses due to a number of different shrimp diseases including the acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND). According to OIE, AHPND has been officially reported in China (2010), Vietn ...
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