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Article published the February 10, 2014
Introduction In recent years, the cost of energy for feed has increased, with increasing demand for cereals from the biofuels industries. It follows that there is currently pressure on feed manufacturers to maximise their efficiency of nutrient utilisation, particularly of energy but also phosphorous. The net result is that feed manufacturers are moved to consider use of feed additive enzymes such ...
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News published on January 20, 2014
According to AB Vista’s Research Manager, Dr Helen Masey O’Neill, until a definitive study is published to show that all components within a multi-enzyme product are necessary for optimum benefit, there is no evidence to justify their use over an optimised single-component non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzyme. The statement was made in a paper recently published in the Asian-Austral ...
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Article published the May 31, 2013
I. INTRODUCTIONExogenous xylanase has been routinely added to non-ruminant diets for more than 20 years. In diets based on cereals such as wheat and rye, the mechanism of action is likely to centre on viscosity reduction and improved diffusion of nutrients in the intestine. Though this mechanism is almost certainly involved, interactions with fats and a reduction in the presence of bacteria in the ...
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December 23, 2013
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