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-According to the United Nations, by 2050 there will be a world population of 9700 million inhabitants. -The effects of climate change with prolonged drought will drastically affect grain production. -The depletion of non-renewable fossil energy reserves (oil, gas) will pressure the production of cereal ethanol. -There will be an unprecedented competition between humans and animals for food res ...
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Mike Kogut (USDA-ARS) talked about nutrition, intestinal immunity, microbiome and dysbiosis, among other subjects, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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Maria Teresa Capucchio and Elena Colombino (University of Turin) shared the stage to present two studies on the benefits of insects as a protein source on animal feed, during the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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Good job but we need to know the content for that natural remedy
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I would like to read a full paper
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