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I am able to formulate rations for all groups of dairy herd - milking and non-milking. I may find nutritional problems of a herd that may not improve in milk and growth. I also can support ratio
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Yes, I as a researcher and nutritionist believed that microbial starter are really effective for improving quality of silage and increasing aerobic stability. I did research by a starter containing multi strain with Lactobacillus buchneri. The research lasted for 10 month study. The result showed that the starter could increase aerobic stability of corn silage from 24 h. to 56 h. and also growth o ...
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The LAB from SYNBIOTECH are able to produce organic acids and fermentation metabolites quickly and lower the pH value to inhibit the growth of spore-forming bacteria, fungi and other spoilage bacteria. Thus, achieving the optimum preservation of silages.
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corn silage management with good coverage
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The subject is the key point in dairy farms and many problems and successful results is behind it. Prevention of hypocalcemia is usually difficult at lactation higher than 4 .
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We have a renewed interest in the optimal dry period length for dairy cows. The average dry period length in the US is 57 days but variation exists. DHIA data say that on average, 13% of cows are dry less than 40 days and 26% are dry more than 70 days. The dry period allows the udder to go through a period of involution and ensures that the numbers of mammary cells continue to increase normally d ...
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