Jwander Luka
DVM,PhD and Fellow
Chief Vet. Research Officer/Vet. Disease Investigation Officer; Central Diagnostic Laboratory, National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria
DVM,PhD and Fellow
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Constant research works on common Avian pathogens is a welcome development in global livestock industry. This will help improve drugs' resistance.
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Its a good observation that needs in dept investigation. Other countries may be facing same problem
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Thanx, merry christmas and prosperous new year especially in the war against Marek's disease worldwide. Hope to contact you on your e-mail soon. Jwander
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Its a good and welcome developmental tool in the field diagnosis of MD. Dr. Jwander Luka D. PhD. National Vet. Research Vom Nigeria
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Thank you very much Prof. I still need clarification; 1.Under FIELD CONDITIONS in layers, can HVT maternal antibodies be present in chicks hatched? 2. The maternal antibody derived due to MDV in chicks, can it be IgG, IgB etc? Once more, thank you Prof.
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Dear Professor Dr. Karel, thank very much for you are one of those who have worked a lot on Marek's disease. MD is my field of interest. Kindly respond to me on 1. which test can be used for serotyping of MDV? can ELISA, PCR etc be used? 2. What is the maternal antibody in chicks derived from hens vaccinated against MD? 3. Very importantly, what is the effect of vaccinating a day old chick with ...
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Thank you Schat for your response. Sir, which tests can be used for serotyping of Marek's disease virus serotype1, 2 and 3)? Can the use of ELISA, PCR, Immunohistochemistry etc be used?
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Can the Agar Gel Precipitin Test (diffusion test) and ELISA be used in screening vaccinated birds against Marek's disease outbreak?
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