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Evelyn Otoo
Participation in Forum on February 18, 2014
please what happens in the absent of toxin binder in feed due to inconvenience or forgetfulness. I use mycofix (toxin binder) in preparation of feed for my poultry (broilers) project and it happened that it was not added during the formulation of feed. I am a bit skeptical about it since it is the first time am missing out this additive, and moreover my day old chicks are arriving this evening and ...
Participation in Forum on November 22, 2013
It is a very good product. I have used it and still using it to improve the performance of my broilers. I encourage all to test and use this enhancer and you would marvel at the outcome.
Participation in Forum on September 4, 2013
Hello Dr. Please do mix the leaves with their feed or you administer them separately as supplement as stated. Also, wanted to if you mix with their feed during feeding regime r during the feed preparation/formulation, and any effect of the two methods.
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July 21, 2013
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