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The Ballard Group introduces Omega-3 fatty Acid product to the global market

Published: February 29, 2012
Source : The Ballard Group
To meet the worldwide increasing need for food, a new solution has been introduced to the global market place: SALmate®, a Unique Omega-3 Fatty Acid Enriched Dry Product with EPA and DHA.
SALmate®, developed by The Ballard Group, Inc., and manufactured under license in the USA, is already well proven in North America, Australasia and parts of Europe, and therefore the next step was to branch out into new areas. The first stop was Bangkok, Thailand at the recent VICTAM/FIAAP ASIA show.
SALmate® is a natural source of omega-3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (PUFA'S)  such as EPA and DHA from high-quality purified  fish oil. The refined fish oil, also protected by natural antioxidants, provides an excellent balance of EPA and DHA in optimal levels which help improve reproductive function,  immune response, performance and overall growth and well being, across all livestock and companion animals. 
The uniqueness of the product is the encapsulation into a specially designed starch coating, with multiple benefits :
  • easy release of PUFA in the intestine;
  • prevention of oxidation of PUFA's, which are very sensitive to oxygen, minerals and moisture (it includes additionally natural antioxidants);
  • prevention of problems of feed intake often seen with other fish sources;
  • prevention of handling problems in feed mills and farms (such as odors, liquid products, rancid products and storage).
SALmate® is a highly concentrated free flowing powder  allowing for low inclusion rate or dose of administration.
"In order to move forward into the future, it was clear that The Ballard Group, Inc. could be aided using the strategic global marketing skills provided by Jan-Jeroen De Beucker" says Malcolm Ballard.  "With De Beucker's help, SALmate® will be marketed worldwide through a dedicated team of professional distributors".
De Beucker says "SALmate® was very successfully introduced at the VICTAM/FIAAP ASIA in Bangkok.   The interest was very high thanks to SALmate® being workable across all species with a specific focus on reproduction in livestock, and overall well-being in companion animals.
Customers across Asia have learned why SALmate is Embracing Life, and new distribution partnerships have been formed for several countries."
The Ballard Group
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