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Therapeutic milk production for Diabetes in humans from Indian cattle breeds

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Can the milk of Indian cows cure diabetes? by R. Avadhani

Can the milk of Indian cows cure diabetes? That is what Dr. Sai Butcha Rao, a research associate at International Livestock Research Institute, ICRISAT, Patancheru, has been trying to find out.

One of his line of research is on clinical properties of milk of Indian cattle breeds. He fed the animal with specially formulated feed and the milk obtained from such cow is reported to have clinical properties to cure diabetes.

He selected four volunteers for this purpose and the initial medical tests furnished encouraging results.

B.V.S.R. Krisham Raju, who took voluntary retirement as a General Manager of power system-equipment company and started an animal farm at Mubarakpur near Sangareddy, is one among them.

He acquired a Gir cow from Gujarat. Feed of Gir cow is being formulated with herbal plants, concentrates and roughages and fed to the animal.

He is suffering from diabetes for the last ten years and one such volunteer. Three more volunteers from different places, including one from Sangareddy town are using the ‘health value added’ Gir cow milk as part of experiment. According to Dr. Sai, the feedback from the volunteers is encouraging and other problems associated with diabetes like tooth ache and frequent infections are getting minimised.

“Health is the value addition in our experiment. We are changing the diet formulation of the animal and adding probiotics and herbal plants.

The milk collected from the animal after consuming the feed will have certain medicinal properties. The experiment is being conducted assuming that this will stimulate the pancreatic duct resulting in the production of insulin,” Dr. Sai told The Hindu .

Dr. Sai said that from Vedic times Indian cattle breeds played important role in Indian culture and part of life.

“An Indian cow is eco friendly and plays important role in sustainable development of socio-economic and community health. Not only Gir, but also other Indian cattle breeds (Bos indicus, humped) are also suitable for production of therapeutic milk for diabetes in humans.”

“Consuming curd prepared from Gir cow milk has improved my health condition regarding diabetes. We will shortly enter into second phase where we can reduce the medication,’’ he said.

Saibutcharao Mallampalli
M.V.Sc (Clinical Veterinary Medicne)
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Roger Hinge Roger Hinge
Animal Nutritionist
October 24, 2017
Your answer lies in the fact that the Gir Cow is fed a specific diet: My findings are any breed of cow can be freely offered specific nutriment formulas that she will freely select from to make up the deficiencies in the feed she has to eat that are missing or not sufficiently catered for.
Her milk can then be further boosted with a herb and a prebiotic that can cure diabetes, inflammation and reduce weight without exercising above normal daily requirements.
The weight loss is due to the formula's ability to satisfy the nutriment need that previously any human struggles to find in this day and age.
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