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Maize Degerminator

Maize degerminator is used in semi-dry and dry method of corn processing project. As the equipment for corn germs and corn endosperm separating, it can improve corn products quality and corn auxiliary products value. It is the core equipment for corn germs extraction in alcohol plants, starch plants, starch sugar plants and feed plants. TTPD series of rubbing type maize degerminator is the core equipment of corn germs extraction project. It includes two models: TTPD50X72 and TTPD75x100, which can process 3 tons of corn and 6 tons of corn separately. Maize degerminator working principle: Maize degerminator utilizes the hitting and cutting between the rotor and the toothed plate, and the friction and crash between corn kernels, damages the corn endosperm structure, the structural strength of corn germs and the bonding strength between corn endosperm and corn germs so as to realize corn peeling, corn degermination and corn grits making. Corn flows from the glass cylinder and enters into the space between rotor and toothed plate group. Motor drives the rotor spindle to rotate. Corns are rubbed and struck to be hulled between rubbing plate and toothed plate and go out through discharge hopper of corn rubbing degerminator. By adjusting the interval between the rubbing plate and the toothed plate, it can degerm the corn with different moisture and density and has high degermination rate. Maize degerminator features: Maize degerminator adopts dry method degermination with low fat content and reduces energy consumption and equipment cost. Maize degerminator doesn’t need grain moisturing or water in dry method degermination. Compared with wet method, it is much more sanitary.

Win Tone
Industrial Engineer
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July 31, 2020
Yes I want to see the details of exterminator for maize
Dr Muhammad Arshad Dr Muhammad Arshad
General Manager
March 22, 2021

Dear, this machine alone does the job or it required any pretreatment? If pretreatment is needed, which type? Please reply.

Drvishwaskisan Tiwari Drvishwaskisan Tiwari
Poultry farmer
May 31, 2021
I need degerminator along with details of pretreatment. Urgent..pl thanks and regards.
August 27, 2021
Quotation of maize degerminator required
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