Jürgen Joachim speaks on pelletizing

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Giuseppe Bigliani Giuseppe Bigliani
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineer. Master Degree, Business Administration. Grain Science. Feed Manufacturing Technology. Advance Management Skills Program & Several Courses and Seminars
Feed Technology Solutions Feed Technology Solutions
Cumming, Georgia, United States of America
January 26, 2017
The presentation of Jürgen is very valuable for those who have pelleting systems in their feed mills. In addition that he is talking about interesting technical issues, he talks about issues that we often take as a fact and do not bother to go into details. The way the presentation was made, allowed a lot of interaction between the participants, even sharing experiences from their plants. Some of the technical topics of the pelleting process were explained with simple examples and comparisons with events of our daily life in the feed mill.
Among of the interesting topics exposed, I liked when Jürgen mentioned the differences between using a large diameter and small diameter die, the advantages and disadvantages of having different widths of the die track, manual or automatic adjustment of the rollers, stages to have steam and the physical part of the process, the steam work inside the conditioner, the feed distribution inside the die track, types of roller shells, and many others.
During the presentation, real experiences and comparative examples of the steps that happen from the moment the mash feed enter the feeder, until the pelleted product exit the cooler.
New technologies were presented in a simple and easy way to understand, like the automatic roller adjustment and its benefits.
Very interesting all that was mentioned about the dies, how are manufactured, the differences between the distribution and quantity of the die holes, as well as the influence of these factors on the quality of the pellets. Also, everything about the factors affecting the cooling process, such as the air volume, pressure, pellet bed height, discharge, and many other details involved.
It was also mentioned the importance of one of the tools that often is not taken into account: the monitoring or follow up of the information and reports issued by the pellet mill control system.
At the end, Jürgen talked about the most important element that makes the best results, not only for the pelleting system but throughout the plant: trained, experienced and motivated personnel, which can make a big difference.

Giuseppe R. Bigliani
Feed Technology Solutions, LLC
E-Mail: feedtecsol@gmail.com

August 9, 2019
Respected sir i am pellet mill operator I want to learn about pellet mill please help me
January 15, 2022
Dear sir
Good day and hope every thing is ok at your side.
we would like to know What kind of pellet machine do you make? a belt or gearbox??and the other question is what is the material of the plates?
thanks in advance and waiting for your prompt reply

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