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pistachio shells in livestock feed

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Dear All

I would like to know about use of Pistachio residuals in animal nutrition such as hull, kernel, shell, nut and what We obtain after dehulling, removing nut in processing plant . I will be thankful if send me any information you have about it.

All Best to you

Syeed Mojtaba Syeed Moumen

Animal Nutritionist
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February 14, 2012

I think, you must be clarify some things;
1- amount of its production
2- analysing its component
3- which part of the diet it is going to be replaced
3- is it availabel During all the year
4- its cost for consumer
you can see also"The potential of agro-industrial by-products as feed sources for livestock in Khorasan Razavi province of Iran" by R.valizadeh

M.m.yaghobzadeh M.m.yaghobzadeh
Animal Nutritionist
February 17, 2012

thank .dr valizade
We worked together on this issue with the Animal Research Center in Kashmar, Iran.
If the silage dry leaves and stems, pistachio shells, and then use it to feed the sheep.
If cost is much work to harvest and then dried pellets or beet pulp is processed.
I want to know more and Agriculture Organization of Khorasan write.



March 10, 2012
Important to congratulate you.
But it is better to consider the costs and levels of access.
mohsenjaberi mohsenjaberi
September 9, 2019
i found article about this topic
Syeedmojtaba Syeedmojtaba
Animal Nutritionist
September 11, 2019

Dear All
I think Pistachio shell powder is a useless residuals in animal nutrition. Me is from 0.99 to 1.3 M cal-kg DM with 1.5-3.5 % CP. It lacks characteristic to ruminate (PeNDF) but straw plays important role to secret saliva and pH adjustment in rumen. Degradability rate measured in USA was zero percent.

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