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Extrusion of fish feed

I need help on extrusion of fish sinking feed .I reach 50:50 of sinking and i need 99 % but i just can not make feed to sink is it from formulation or from adjustments of the extruder.

Denis Dimovski
Fish feed
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October 3, 2020
Is it possible to use pellet with hopper drying machine to make sinking fish feed float?
Oyewole Qoyyum Oyewole Qoyyum
November 15, 2020
Please how do I work with single screw dry type extruder for 100% floating fish feed
Trong Chu Trong Chu
November 15, 2020
You can mix powdered ingredients such as cornstarch, rice bran, mashed rice, oil meal, soybean meal) with a little water.
clean so that it can be held back into a fist.
This compression is the use of physical and pore-shaped compression conditions. The temperature in this type of compression
can be up to 125-150 degrees Celsius, under pressure for about 20 seconds, humidity from 20-24% makes the food agglutination
more sticky. Thereby, this mixture shows high plasticity and is pressed through the press table with high pressure.
When the pellet leaves the press board, with high pressure, the steam in the component evaporates to form air pockets in the tablet
food. When cooled, they generally only make up about 0.25-
0.3 g / cm3 so the pellet can be floating.
September 30, 2021
I need help here....All am trying to produce a floating feed... and I have try all my effort...my produced fish feed is still sinking.. below is my formulation...... 4mm
Maize. 180
SBM. 150
GNC. 300
Fish meal. 70
Animal Protein 90. 30
Poultry meal. 90
Animal protein 50. 150
Limestone. 10
DCP. 4
Fish premix. 5
Methionine. 2
Lysine. 2
Salt. 3
Klinofeed. 2
Orego-Stim. 0.5
Kingzyme. 0.5
Vitamin C. 1

Please Can any professional assist me here... i need your help on how to produce a floating fish feed. .Is it that my formulation is wrong?...although am using a locally fabricated extruder...can i achieve a floating fish feed with this. ...I heed your technical help here.
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