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3rd International Symposium on Alternatives to Antibiotics

Potential of enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast (AviatorTM) strongly agglutinate with Salmonella Typhimurium and S. Enteritidis

Published on: 8/26/2020
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The use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast (EHY) as a nutritional feed supplement is commonly applied in many livestock productions. It improves animal production, promote health and also reduce the need for antibiotic use. The major component of EHY is mannan oligosaccharide which can improve gut health and act as a high-affinity ligand offering competitive binding site options for Gram negative bacteria.  
The objective of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of AVIATORTM bind to S. Typhimurium (ST) and S. Enteritidis (SE) in vitro. The qualitative and quantitative EHY assays were performed in vitro with S. Typhimurium and S. Enteritidis strains. The qualitative assay was performed using overnight ST and SE culture in TSB broth mix with various EHY concentrations and observed for the agglutination. The EHYSalmonella complex was agglutinated and easily observed in various concentration of EHY as clumping cell. Furthermore, the quantitative assay was also performed by counting the unbound Salmonella after EHY reaction. The result showed that EHY has ability to reduce the number of Salmonella approximately 34 log cells from original cell number. In conclusion, EHY exhibited the high agglutination and reduce the number of SE and ST in vitro. This positive phenomenon of EHY will associated with pathogen removal from the gastrointestinal tracts without attachment and colonization in vivo.
Keywords: Agglutination, Pig, Probiotic, Salmonella, Yeast.


Abstract presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Alternatives to Antibiotics 2019.

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