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Equine Influenza Update: Horses with equine flu top 30,000

Published: October 9, 2007
More than 32,000 horses in New South Wales have been infected with equine flu, according to authorities. Figures released yesterday reveal there are more than 3700 properties in the state with infected horses. More than 700 other properties are considered either "dangerous contact"   or "suspect". In Queensland, no precise figure for infected horses has been given, but state authoritie...
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Fred Ridgeway
Fred Ridgeway
9 de octubre de 2007
Dear Reader, Here we have a perfect example and indicator of the problem but its being completely ignored. The problem is not the flu, but the HORSE population in Australia have weakened immune system due to long term exposure to vetinary products that are simply toxic to animals, and secondly the poor quality of natural feed. Why i talk about natural is simply because man cannot replicate the unique qualities of nature, he only gets somewhat close to it and then at a price the average person cant afford. I am a strong advocate that the owners of Horses in Australia must take a different direction to the one they have been following all these years and this outbreak should be convincing enough with the tremendous losses for all involved in the Australian equine industry. What I will recommend is that every horse owner must start immediately feeding supplementary SALT LICKS and not just any brand or composition because all the other salt lick products were already heavily entrenched in the market prior to this outbreak so their effectiveness is very obvious, they are virtually a complete and total waste of money! They failed to achieve what they should be doing all along and that is maintain a healthy IMMUNE system. The ONLY SALT LICK I will recommend is HIMALAYAN HEALTH CRYSTAL or as its commonly known, rock salt from the Himalayas. The reason is simple, this is the ONLY ROCK SALT of its kind in the ENTIRE WORLD that has a unique crystalline structure whereby it has created CHELATED MINERALS and not just a handful theres 84 minerals and trace element in this rock salt in a balanced composition that does have significant effect when supplemented to Horses and all other Livestock and animals. Make no mistake about it this is a very sophisticated salt that does the job of keeping all Living things healthy. And man has not been able to synthesize it and even if he could the price would be astronomical and virtually unaffordable. I recommend that each horse owner in Australia contact the company MINROSA HIMALAYAN MINERAL ROCK SALT and get a supply today and start healing the animals with nutrition, not medicines. MINROSA can be found online with their international consultant MRSCorp. who locate the finest premium quality Himalayan rock salt that MINROSA import to Australia. As many thousands of jobs and family livelihoods depend on the equine industry getting a supply of the premium quality Himalayan Health Crystals today will be none too soon. I urge all horse owners to take the responsibility to do this today and over the next several weeks start to see the difference it makes when you provide your animals the best nutrition that nature has created. MINROSA was founded by Kym Staude, a farmer and stud sheep breeder in S.A. and they have trialed the rock salt with good success for their breeding stock and prime lamb breeding program. Already other livestock and horse owners are using these rock salt licks and satisfied they are better than other salt licks. You can be assured they contain NO additives or medicines. In the United States Of America these rock salt licks are very popular as they should be and US horse owners are both satisfied and delighted to be able to get them. If you are the owner of a horse(s) please take action today and contact MINROSA for your supply of HIMALAYAN HORSE SALT LICKS. Thank you. Fred Ridgeway
Peter Lester
10 de octubre de 2007
I have worked in Australia for many years and would suggest that the soil on which their feeds grow would have a large bearing on the resistance animals can obtain. Australian soils are chemically wanting in many elements and the tendency to push for more feed through the application of N fertilisers only compounds the problem. Such feeds are saturated with amide nitrogen compounds and as such are an insult on any animal’s immune system. I have analysed soils from Gippsland to the Northern Territory and have yet to find one soil where the electrolytes are sufficient to produce good quality feeds. Unfortunately, here in NZ we are going down the same road led by the nose by the fertiliser industry and their protégé’s. If we do not wake up now, then horse flu will not be the only malady afflicting our animals and us. Take a look at Quantumlab (NZ) website. Peter J Lester
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