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Published on: 07/11/2007
Author/s : BILL VANDERGRIFT (Courtesy of Alltech Inc.)
The use of herbal products in equine diets is gaining popularity rapidly. The reasons for this are several, but center around a changing makeup of the horse owner population. First, there are a greater number of horse owners with fewer than five horses than there were 15 to 20 years ago. Participation in equine sporting events has also increased, which has resulted in increased moneys being paid o...
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July 11, 2007

Nice, but very general without any comment to the quality of the herbal material or herbal products:
this is the main problem of herbal products for human and animal use in US (already acknowledged by the US authorities) that quality control is lacking. There is such a high phytochemical polymorphism within most of the species that indicating the use of a plant (species) is insufficient if the chemotype is not known and there is no description of the substance - effect relationship. The future of herbal use in animals depends on quality assessment and quality assurance.

Peter Waller Peter Waller
B.App.Sc. (Animal Studies) Honors (Nutrition). DVM.
July 11, 2007

Good article about herbal products for equines. As an equine nutritionist I never fully discount the areas written of even though I have taken the opposite approach to feeding. If I were to be given furhter information as to how or why these products work in the equine field then I may even become more open to them. I also know there are several anti-nutritional factors involved in a few of the products mentioned and would actually hesitate in their recommendation for various reasons the least of which would be owner irresponsibility in administration.

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