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Balchem Animal Nutrition - Italy

Balchem Animal Nutrition
Balchem Animal Nutrition
Tania Cambieri
Tania Cambieri
Novara, Piemonte, Italy

NiaShure™ Precision Release Niacin for use in cows


NiaShure™ is an encapsulated form of niacin that delivers more bioavailable niacin to the small intestine. Niacin is included in rations to take advantage of both its vasodilation and antilipolytic properties. 

Reducing body fat mobilization in fat cows can reduce ketosis and related transition cow disorders. Research at the University of Wisconsin demonstrated a significant reduction in blood NEFA when NiaShure was fed to transition dairy cows. 

Research conducted at the University of Arizona found that NiaShure had a significant impact on the cow’s ability to manage heat stress. NiaShure helps:

Lower Blood NEFA Levels – Niacin is widely recognized as a potent anti-lipolytic agent capable of reducing the surge in NEFA seen prior to parturition.

Increase Sweating Rate by 24% – Increasing sweating rates can dramatically increase a cow’s ability to cool herself.

Reduce Internal Body Temperature – Keeping body temperatures in normal ranges will keep cows functioning at peak performance.

Increase Productivity – Reducing the heat stress on cows can have a profound impact on health, reproductive performance and milk production.