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BSF Trial Hatchery

Published: November 13, 2015
By: Anthony Dodds
Greetings, I am developing a medium scale BSF production based on avocado and chicken waste. Presently my trial hatchery is based on captive breeding in a polythene covered greenhouse of 40 cubic meters with a 5 square meter feed/larvae area. My problem is that I am not achieving the rate of matings necessary to fully colonise the feed area. I recognize the shortcomings of my design and would really like to improve on it in phase 1. Please advise me if there is any formula that can be applied to a hatchery design ie this many cubic meters of flying space equates to a v meter square digester with an input of x tons of feed, yielding y kgs of pre-pupae and z % of pre-pupae retained to maintain the colony? The attached collage is of my trial hatchery. Best reards Anthony
Anthony Dodds
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