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ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd - India

ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
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PRO-MaXYL™ Enzyme combination to improve poultry performance


PRO-MaXYL is a synergistic combination of xylanase, mannanase, protease & phytase enzymes to improve the performance of modern poultry diets. PRO-MaXYL is a comphrensive solution for flexible poultry diet formulation. PRO-MaXYL meets the current market need for cutting feed costs by increasing energy efficiency, protein utilization, minimizing anti-nutrient action and improving bird performance in both corn-based and more complex diets.


a. Special enzyme premix for commercial broilers & layers

b. Improves the digestibility of protein & minerals

c. Enhances energy utilization by reducing the viscosity of feed

d. Reduces the anti-nutritional factors present in feed ingredients

e. Maximizes return on investment

DOSAGE: - 500g/ton of feed or as advised by nutritionist.

PRESENTATION: - 500 gm pouch X 50 Nos. & 25 Kg HDPE Drum.