INVE Nutri-Ad at the Pig and Poultry Conference in Bangkok

Date of publication : 3/31/2008
Source : INVE Nutri-AD
On March 4-6, INVE Nutri-Ad contributed to the Pig and Poultry Focus Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Koen SCHWARZER showed the latest developments on the use of target release concepts to enhance intestinal health in piglets.

Intestinal health in poultry was addressed in the paper that was presented by Sven ARNOUTS, titled "Optimizing immunity in industrial broiler production".  Sven, Senior Researcher at the University of Ghent, presented the importance of mucosal intestinal immunity for gut health as well as in vitro methods to analyze the biological activity of immunomodulators. INVE Nutri-Ad uses these methods as a basis for the development and improvement of their product range for improvement of intestinal immunity and health.

Both topics are highly actual in today's young animal feeding practices.

The target release concept enables delivery of the active molecules that influence the gut health at the place of the intestine where they have their greatest benefit.

Immunity is a critical topic in modern broiler production where high productivity depends heavily on the health status of the animal. Managing the intestinal immunity of the bird is directly related to a health performance.

More information on both topics is available by contacting Dr Koen Schwarzer, Technical Director Inve Nutri-Ad.

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