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Book: Strategies to reduce Salmonella prevalence in the poultry industry

Date of publication : 2/3/2020
Company : Phileo by Lesaffre
Source : Phileo by Lesaffre

Everything you need to know in the book: Strategies to reduce Salmonella prevalence in the poultry industry 

« Nothing is more precious than life »

Salmonella contamination is one of the most important food safety issues when it comes to poultry production. Conventional chemical solutions have been shown to be effective; however, these solutions fail to meet the requirements of sustainable farming.

Finding new solutions to support sustainable animal production is a challenge that Phileo by Lesaffre embraces – Food safety is one of the major pillars in guaranteeing animal and consumer health. Accordingly, we have developed sustainable solutions for decreasing Salmonella prevalence in the poultry industry. 

« Prevention is better than cure »

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