2020 UGA Hot Weather Management Workshop/Webinar

Date of publication : 2/27/2020
Source : https://www.poultryventilation.com/


A 2 ½ day training program has been specifically designed for those who want to learn more about the design and management of modern poultry houses. The workshop/webinar consists of lectures as well as hands on group exercises designed to help attendees gain a firm understanding of the principles behind hot weather poultry house management.


Presenters: Mike Czarick (UGA), Dr. Brian Fairchild (UGA), Dr. Jenny Nicholds (UGA), Isaac Singletary (Munters), & Dr. John Worley (UGA).

Location: Oconee County Civic Center 2661 Hog Mountain Rd, Watkinsville, GA 30677



- Heat stress and how birds cool themselves

- Basic tunnel ventilation system design

- Factors affecting air speed in tunnel houses

- Factors affecting air speed uniformity in tunnel houses

- Hot weather bird health issues Tunnel ventilation and static pressure

- Static pressure in tunnel houses

- Tunnel fan selection

- Evaporative cooling principles

- How many tunnel fans should I use?

- The importance of nighttime bird management during hot weather

- Commonly asked questions about evaporative cooling

- Tunnel ventilation system operation

- Fan & evaporative cooling system maintenance

- Hot weather management tips

- Evaluating tunnel ventilation system performance


Go to: http://bit.ly/2nr3Pjx. Click on “Hot Weather Management Workshop.”

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