XXIV Latin American Poultry Congress 2015
XXIV  Latin American Poultry Congress 2015

XXIV Latin American Poultry Congress 2015

September 8, 2015 to September 11, 2015
Centro de Convenciones de Guayaquil, Av. de las Américas 406 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
General Info
The XXIV Latin-American Poultry Farming Congress, will take place at Guayaquil, Ecuador, between the 8th and 11th of september 2015

Preparations for the XXIV Latin-American poultry farming encounter that will take place in Guayaquil-Ecuador during the week of September 7th 2015 already started.
The Ecuador National Poultry Farming Corporation (CONAVE) is a trade union that gathers the Ecuadorian Poultry Producers. It was created in 1994 and will be the host of the XXIV Latin-American Poultry Farming Congress (CLA 2015) which will convene 3,000 people approximately. Scientific talks and business rounds are being planned as well as exhibitions of the latest technological advances and good practices in the activity.
All stakeholders involved in the poultry production chain from the continent and the world, are invited.
Such as in other countries of the region, poultry is a very important sector for Ecuador in the socio-economic field. This activity has increased its production four times since 1990 and has contributed to food security and food sovereignty in the country.
Poultry products represent one of the principal animal protein sources for Ecuadorians and are also the axis of one of the most important production chains that shared 13% of agriculture and livestock GDP in 2012 and 4% of Economically Active Population. Furthermore, this activity affects in a positive way to development in the rural zones of the country.
We thank the Latin-American Poultry Farming Association (ALA) directors to trust us the organization of such an important event.
We are working to comply with this challenge.
Due to the Latin-American Poultry Farming Association (ALA) designation, Guayaquil will be hosting producers, exhibitors, scientists and poultry farming business people from all over Latin America on September 2015.
It’s the second time Ecuador welcomes the Latin-American poultry farming family. The XII Congress took place in Quito on October 1991 to which 1,200 delegates attended, accomplishing important results.
An interesting agenda that includes talks and technical conferences about poultry health, genetics, production and environmental management will take place. Space to exhibit the latest equipment, supplies and technology for the activity will be provided. The official languages of the encounter are: Spanish, Portuguese and English.
This framework will also be the scenario for the ordinary meetings of the General Assembly of Partners and for the Latin-American Poultry Farming Association (ALA) Committees.
Guayaquil will be the opening gate to Ecuador, a country that has it all and is ready to welcome you.
¡We expect you with our arms wide open!
Guayaquil, also known as the Perla del Pacífico (pacific pearl in English), is located at the shore of the majestic Guayas river. A city characterized by its port which has remained as a center for the greatest productive, commercial, financial cultural and entertainment ventures and it has become not only a national but also a regional and global reference point.

A modern metropolis that advances towards the future, recognizing its enriching past, has numerous attractions in its historical zone as well as in its modern zone. The main port of Ecuador is also the most populated city and is surrounded by the largest river of the pacific slope, inlets, beautiful hills, and enchanting tropical nature. In addition to its multiple urban attractions and the traditional cordiality and warmness of Guayaquil citizens, the city enjoys a pleasant weather.
The city is located in a short time travel distance from the delightful beaches placed in the provinces of Santa Elena and Manabí as well as being the gate to the Galapagos Islands, the Andes and the Amazonia.
Guayaquil is also considered as the economic capital city of Ecuador and has the necessary resources to hold large events. There are spectacular convention centers in the city as well as hotels and worldwide category restaurants that permit visitors feel like home during their travel business or tourism.
The congress will be carried out in the Simón Bolívar Convention Center, which has the necessary infrastructure for an event of this magnitude. It is located a few minutes away from the international airport, in an area where the most international hotel chains, the major shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment centers can be found.
The Guayaquil Convention Center has plenty of experience in organizing, promoting and managing logistics when hosting national and international events.
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