Zinpro Announces World´s First Sow Lameness Symposium

Date of publication : 3/14/2008
Source : Zinpro Corp.
International Collaboration to Discuss Lameness Identification and Prevention

Zinpro Corporation has announced the world’s first symposium on sow lameness will take place in Minneapolis, Minn., on April 2-4, 2008.

The three-day event, hosted by Zinpro, will bring together leading swine researchers, veterinarians, nutritionists and animal scientists from around the globe, including members of the FeetFirst™ sow lameness prevention team.

The program will feature international speakers, research findings and practical solutions and is expected to attract attendees from 21 countries. Topics discussed during the event will include: lameness prevalence, risk factors, epidemiology, sow longevity and attrition, housing and environment, economic impact and possible solutions.

Industry-leaders committed to the swine industry will share what they know about this global problem and offer valuable insights into improving sow herd health through better feet, with practical demonstrations and technical presentations.

As the leader in trace mineral nutrition, Zinpro is committed to delivering the products and educational tools needed to help customers improve the performance and profitability of their operation.

FeetFirst™ is an international collaboration of researchers, veterinarians and nutritionists whose mission is to further advance the swine industry on the identification and prevention of lameness.

Symposium Speakers

- Dr John Deen, Ph.D., DVM, Associate Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota

- Dr Sarel van Amstel, DVM, Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee

- Marrina Schuttert, DVM, Veterinair Centrum Someren, Netherlands

- Pete Ossent, DVM, Veterinary Pathologist, University of Zurich, Switzerland

- Dr Robert van Barneveld, Ph.D., Consultant Research Scientist (Nutrition) Barneveld Nutrition Pty Ltd, Australia

- Dr Terry Ward, Ph.D., Director of Research & Nutritional Services, Zinpro Corporation

- Dr Mark Wilson, Ph.D., Reproductive Physiologist, Zinpro Corporation

- Dr Kenneth Stalder, Ph.D., Associate Professor Animal Science, Iowa State University

- Hans Aae, Head of Nutrition, Vitfoss, Denmark

- Nigel Cook, DVM, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin
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