Hypor Breeding Pigs Arrive Into S. Korea

Date of publication : 3/31/2008
Source : Hypor

Easy Bio chooses Hypor for its expertise in adapting to local requirements

Hypor is proud to announce the arrival of its first breeding pigs into South Korea. The shipment of 197 GGPs arrived on February 3, 2008. A second shipment is currently in quarantine and is expected to be delivered early April. Hypor’s alliance with Korean agri-business leader Easy Bio will soon give Korean farmers access to breeders that consistently produce the quality of pork they want.

Easy Bio System, Inc. is a biotechnology-based company leading in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of value-added products such as functional feed additives, animal health and environment-care products. Since its establishment in March 1988 in South Korea, Easy Bio System has made many outstanding achievements. The company has invested and ventured into the animal feed and animal production businesses. Currently Easy Bio System has three feed companies having a total of eight plants. For its swine production business, it now has a total of nine farms with a sow population of 10,300. It has also expanded its area of distribution, from South Korea to Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand , Philippines and Taiwan.

Easy Bio’s choice for Hypor breeders underlines the strength of Hypor’s sire and dam lines, and it further demonstrates Hypor’s success with their global/local focus in breeding. South Korea has a distinct requirement on pork quality which is different from the rest of the world. The Korean market looks for high intra-muscular fat, similar to the type of pork valued in Japan. Hypor has been serving the Japanese market for more than 25 years and has become the market leader, proving that Hypor has the expertise required to breed for this type of specialty market.

Easy Bio will also be taking advantage of the BioHypor program which uses the latest breeding technology to aid producers in maintaining the highest rate of genetic progress and pig quality. Under this closed herd program, Hypor will supply high-health breeding stock from Canada to initially populate the Easy Bio nucleus facility followed by frequent semen delivery from superior boars. Breeding values for all pigs in the Easy Bio farm will be supplied regularly and the use of dedicated sow management software will aid in the collection of performance information and data. The information from the Easy Bio nucleus will become part of the worldwide BioHypor database which cumulates data on performance of Hypor Purelines all over the world.

Through the BioHypor program, participants have access to the best available genes of purebred sires from various Hypor AI Studs. The program starts with high health animals, and guarantees the highest genetic progress with exceptional performance. Producers benefit from regular technical support visits and benchmark comparisons against other producers within the system. BioHypor is a money saver as it generates maximum technical performance and reduces the cost of production, especially when compared to the investments required for conventional replacement systems. BioHypor producers do not need to regularly purchase replacement breeding stock. This reduces the high veterinarian cost due to disease risks and also mitigates reduced performance due to lower health status. With BioHypor, producers can effectively minimize the delay in dissemination of genetic superiority from GGP to F1. BioHypor enables producers to steer their program for tailor-made final products that meet their local quality demands.

Easy Bio is currently working with several local Swine farmers in Korea under a group called “Farms World”, and they will be the first to benefit from the Hypor stock. The products will be marketed to slaughter houses, supermarkets and pork meat distributors and retailers.

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