ACMC: Free conversion to PigCom software

Date of publication : 4/9/2008
Source : ACMC
Pig breeding company ACMC has offered free conversion to their advanced PigCom pig recording system to those producers using the Easicare programme following the withdrawal of technical support by Agrosoft for Easicare and H. M. Boot DOS-based systems on 31 March 2008.

Since Easicare was originally developed by the Curtis family, ACMC can import data and convert all sow records into an updated windows-based format.

“Apart from the obvious differences in data entry between DOS and windows, users should experience a degree of familiarity with reports, albeit with improved graphing and consolidated reporting,”  commented Ed Sutcliffe, ACMC’s technical director. Other systems may incur a charge.

Easicare — market leader in DOS-based herd recording in the 1980s and 1990s — was an outstanding product. The system was taken over when the Curtis’s company, NPD, was bought by Dalgety, and subsequently sold to Agrosoft, but there was little development after 2001.

PigCom software can be used both as an aid to weekly routines and to help with vital business management systems through identifying Key Performance Indicators.

Multiple herds can be recorded on the one system and, where required, these can be consolidated for an overall view. Entering data is straight-forward and the system has good editing and search capabilities. Reports and data can be electronically exported as attachments to emails.

The system can be used easily to provide data to the British Pig Executive (BPEX) under a scheme which offers PCV2 vaccine vouchers in return for statistics to be used in a research project. PCV2 vaccine immunises pigs against porcine circovirus, which causes a number of economically-damaging diseases.
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