What COVID can teach us about controlling African Swine Fever

Date of publication : 11/18/2020
Source : https://www.porkbusiness.com/

In a recent panel with Farm Journal, three experts shared their insights on African Swine Fever and the lessons learned from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Gordon Spronk (President of Pipestone Veterinary Services) mentioned that “ASF continues to spread across the globe. It was a threat when it was found in the world’s largest swine population in China and continues to be a threat now.”

Spronk added: “Our vision is to keep it out of our population along with other viruses. At local, state and federal levels, efforts continue to keep it out of America.”

Regarding COVID-19, he mentioned the experience has reminded everyone in the industry of “the importance of knowing your state veterinarian.”

He said that there are two important lessons left after COVID. “The first one is to have the necessary funding and leadership. Once we have become infected is late. The second is testing. In Asia, testing is very important to have early detection, to know where the virus is and who has immunity. Preparedness at the federal level is crucial, as well as making sure that veterinarians have proper testing and same-day results. These will dramatically improve our chance to control, not only ASF, but other diseases.”

Liz Wagstrom (National Pork Producers Council Chief Veterinarian) stated that “there is a continuous spread in Asia and Europe.”

She mentioned that they are focused on protecting the borders and controlling the pork meat that comes into the country, while also highlighting the efforts to find a solution: “There are promising candidates for an ASF vaccine, there are global efforts to develop it.”

Patrick Webb (National Pork Board Director of Swine Health) said: “While COVID has presented some challenges to the industry, our top priority is still ASF. We have developed strategies with great collaboration among different groups.”


You can see the complete talk here: https://www.porkbusiness.com/news/hog-production/dont-take-your-eyes-asf.

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