Merck introduces PRRS vaccine in the US

Date of publication : 10/17/2014
Source : Joseph Harvey (MSD)

Merck Animal Health has introduced a vaccine for reducing clinical signs linked to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRS).

Prime PAC PRRS+ is designed to reduce clinical signs of reproductive disease in female breeding-age swine, as well as respiratory disease in pigs three to four weeks of age and older due to PRRS.
PRRS has caused losses for the US breeding and growing-pig herd market of around $664 million annually.

According to Merck, clinical trial results showed that vaccination with Prime significantly reduced viremia and the clinical signs of PRRS. The vaccine also provided four months duration of immunity, helping herds remain as productive as possible. Prime is available in 20ml and 100ml packages, as well as a 600-sow/1200-piglet-dose bulk pack.

Merck's business outside of North America, MSD Animal Health, claims its PRRS vaccine is effective against different strains of the porcine virus in Asia.

Boehringer Ingelheim markets its Ingelvac PRRS vaccine, which in 2012 was the product with the highest sales growth rate in 2012 for the company.

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