Vietstock 2006 Expo & Forum
Vietstock 2006 Expo & Forum

Vietstock 2006 Expo & Forum

December 6, 2006
General Info
6 - 8 December 2006
Phu Tho Indoor Stadium
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam's No.1 Feed and Livestock Industry Event

Ho Chi Minh City will be the host venue for 2nd Vietnam International Feed & Livestock Industry Show - VIETSTOCK 2006 after the outstanding success of the inaugural event in Hanoi. Scheduled for 6 - 8 December 2006 at the new Phu Tho Indoor Stadium, this event will once again be hosted by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and supported by the Department of Animal Health. Co-located with the 2nd Vietnam Feed & Livestock Industry Conference, this event is the largest industry gathering of veterinarians, feedmillers, farmers and meat processors in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City, the commercial hub of the South is also at the centre of a booming feed and livestock industry. With a population of 80 million, Vietnam is today one of the fastest growing countries in Asia with a young population. The consumption for meat protein including pork, beef, fish and poultry has increased by an estimated 15% per annum. Demand for feed has attracted investments from many local and international companies including Cargill, Proconco, American Feed, President, CP and Japfa Comfeed.

The impact of bird flu has resulted in accelerated demand for modern production and processing systems that conform to international environmental, health and safety standards. These include improved feed production and management, animal health and nutrition, closed housing systems, centralized slaughtering facilities and meat processing and packaging.

VIETSTOCK 2006 Expo & Forum is the event that provides suppliers with a specialized marketing platform to capture these growth opportunities. It is perfectly timed to capitalize on the tremendous business opportunities in the feed and livestock sector. Benefit from this excellent marketing platform to promote your products and services to the people that really matter. This event is produced by AMB Events Sdn Bhd, a member of the Allied Media Worldwide Network which managed Livestock Asia Expo & Forum in Malaysia and Indo Livestock Expo & Forum in Indonesia. Make your plans today and see your business come to life!

Show Highlights

Livestock farmers, feedmillers, meat processors and industry professionals will be recognized for their achievements in the Vietnam Livestock Industry Awards. Organised by the Steering Committee of Vietstock 2006, these prestigious Awards will provide motivation and encouragement to organizations and individuals in achieving management and product excellence.

2nd Vietnam Feed & Livestock Industry Conference

Over 300 delegates representing the top feed millers, farmers and meat processors are expected to attend the 2nd Vietnam Feed & Livestock Industry Conference. An international panel of speakers will present papers on a wide range of topics affecting the industry including:

● Managing Avian Influenza
● Feed Formulation & Management
● Alternatives to Antibiotics Usage
● Advances in Livestock Production
● Breed & Breeder Management
● Implementing Bio-Security Measures
● Meat Processing & Marketing

2nd Vietnam Feed Livestock Industry Conference to Focus on 6 Key Areas

Over 300 of the industry key decision makers representing major integrators, farmers, veterinarians, feed millers and meat processors are expected to attend the 2nd VIETNAM FEED AND LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY CONFERENCE. This 3-day Conference which is held concurrently with VIETSTOCK 2006 will cover current issues and developments:

Session 1
• Feed Production & Management

Session 2
• Poultry Production & Processing

Session 3
• Swine Production & Processing

Session 4
• Cattle/Dairy Production & Processing

Session 5
• Meat Processing

Session 6
• Animal Health Management

Vietstock 2006 - Setting the Standards

By all accounts, the 1st VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum held in Hanoi was a success. Produced by the Allied Media Worldwide Network, the organizer of LIVESTOCK ASIA Expo & Forum and the INDO LIVESTOCK Expo & Forum, VIETSTOCK 2004 has set the standards as the unmatched international event for the feed and livestock industry in Vietnam. Over 3,700 trade buyers attended the 3-day show including the Minister and Deputy Minister of MARD.

* 87% of exhibitors meet or exceeded their expectation on their participation
* 94% of exhibitors rated their participation a success
* 95% of exhibitors are satisfied with the overall performance of the Organiser
* Estimated Sales achieved by exhibitors: - USD 1.65 million at the show
- USD 10.65 within 12 months

Full Industry Support for Vietstock 2004

VIETSTOCK 2004 is officially backed by the Department of Animal Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as the host organization and the Department of Animal Health as the supporting organization. In addition, the event has the full support key industry groups and organizations including major publications such as Asian Poultry and Asian Pork.

Areas covered by the event:

Animal Identification & Microchip - Antibiotics - Automatics Form Fill Seal Machine - Artificial Insemination - Automation - Bag Closing Machines (sew) - Biotechnology - Batteries - Bio Gas Installation - Boxes - Breeder Farms - Breeder Systems - Broiler Breeder - Broiler Equipment - Broiler Farms - Bulk Trucks - Cattle Farming Equipment - Capping Machinery - Checkweighers, Conveyor - Chicks Counter Machine - Cold Storage - Climate Control Equipment - Computer Systems - Diagnostic Reagents / Services - Diesel Fired Space Heaters - Disinfectants - Dairy Products - Dairy Equipments - Drinking Nipples - Drinking Troughs - Drinking Water Equipment - Eggs - Egg Handling Equipment - Egg Packaging - Eggs Processing - Egg Grading - Electrical Fencing - Embryos - Energy Saving Systems - Feed Additives - Feed Ingredients - Feed Manufacturing - Feed Mill Installation - Feed System Equipment - Fencing - Financing - Filling Machines - Food Packaging - Frozen Meat - Floor Litter - Genetic Material Harnesses - Gases - Grains & Proteins - Hatchers - Heating & Light - High Pressure Sprayers, Pumps & Accessories - Husbandry - Incubators - Information Systems - Insecticides and Related Equipment - Insulation Materials - Insurance - Laboratory Equipments - Layer Equipment - Livestock Transport - Management Software - Meat Products - Merchandising & Equipment - Metal Detectors - Operational Management - Ostrich Hide - Packaging Machineries - Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals - Pig Breeding - Pig Farm Equipment - Pig Slaughtering & Processing - Poultry Products - Poultry Farm Equipment - Processing and Packaging - Publishers - Rapid Test Kits For Animal Feed & Food - Refrigerated Trucks - Rendering - Security Systems - Slurry Purification & Processing Equipment - Stalls, Equipped or Unassembled - Surface Hardening Materials - Turnkey Feedmill Equipment - Yard Cleaning Machines - Vaccines - Veterinary Equipments - Ventilation Equipments - Vitamins - Warning Systems - Waste Processing Equipment - Waste Water Treatment Systems - Wheat Flour - Winch Motors

Vietstock 2006 Expo & Forum is the Industry´s Preferred Choice

Vietnam´s No.1 Feed, Livestock and Meat Processing Show - VIETSTOCK 2006 Expo & Forum looks set to be 30% bigger when it is held at the Pho Tho Indoor Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City from 6-8 December 2006. Major companies have already booked larger booths after the success at VIETSTOCK 2004 in Hanoi.

It is not hard to see why VIETSTOCK 2006 Expo & Forum is industry´s preferred choice.

VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is the only international feed, livestock and meat processing show with a proven track record in Vietnam
VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is the only event supported by an International Conference and Technical Symposium attracting over top level 500 delegates
VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is the only business-to-business show for the feed, livestock and meat processing industry
VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is backed up with a comprehensive visitors promotion campaign inclusive of targeted direct mailing and advertisement in industry magazines/journals and all major newspapers - assuring you of quality visitors and buyers

VIETSTOCK 2006 Expo & Forum is hosted by the Department of Livestock Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and supported by the Department of Animal Health. It is organized by AMB Events which is a member of the Allied Media Network which organizes leading industry tradeshows including LIVESTOCK ASIA Expo in Kuala Lumpur and INDO LIVESTOCK Expo in Jakarta.

The Stage is Set for Vietnam''s Biggest International Feed, Livestock andMeat Processing Show

With 2 months to go, the 2nd VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum has already attracted a record 130 exhibiting companies from 24 countries. This figure has exceeded the 130 exhibitors chalked up at the last event. They include National & Regional Pavilions from China, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Italy, Korea and The Netherlands.

Held for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietstock 2006 will be at the heart of the Mekong delta where most of the country´s feed and farming industries are based. A comprehensive promotional programme is now underway to attract over thousands of trade visitors and delegates representing farmers, integrators, retailers, feedmillers, meat processors and veterinarians.

Spurred on by over 10% economic growth, Vietnam´s demand for meat protein is projected to grow by 25% from 2005 till 2010* (*source: MARD). The modernization of the country´s feed, livestock and meat processing industry is underway. VIETSTOCK 2006 Expo & Forum is the place where you can see your business come to life. If you have not done so, it´s time to join these major players at the No. 1 Feed, Livestock and Meat Processing Show in Vietnam: Adisseo, Biomin, C-lines, Merial, Rhodia,Big Dutchman, The GSI Group, Pericolli, Gigola, PAL, Tavsan, VDL, Lubing, Le Triangle, Vosterman, Impex, Awila, , Muyang Group, Ottevanger, Sprout Matador, Stolz, Techna; Van Aarsen, ZhengChang Group, Bayle, Linco, Stork, Systemate, Euriatec, Viphavet, Wegel, Aviagen, Cherry Valley, Exafan, Dept. Of Livestock Production, Seyang Tech, Alke, Euroduna, BPA, Euroasiatic, Japfa, Minh Dang , Illinois Dept. Of Agriculture, Autofan Korea, Munters, ICC Brazil, Delst, Flowcrete Asia, Hutek and many others.