December 5, 2005
General Info
December 5th - 9th, 2005
Damascus - Syria

Why Syria? The Middle East region has an enormous economic potential. Due to Iraq crisis, investments in the region had slowed down. However, now the demand for technology has considerably increased and it is about time to explore especially the high receptivity of agro-food industries´ sectors for modern technology.

IFWexpo has worked out a concept for a specialized exhibition tailormade for agro-food branches in Syria. This country offers the best economic perspectives at this moment, especially as now under the new president Mr. Assad jr. integration to the world markets is one of the prime targets. Politically stable and located in a geographically strategic position, it facilitates the inclusion of neighbouring countries with high economic potential but difficult political situations (like South of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordania and Iraq) to the trade visitor target groups. Syria offers the best potential for a market penetration in the Near and Middle East region.

SYRIAFT is conceived as a pure specialized trade exhibition for all sectors of agro-food industry and will be promoted on a broad scale by our partners, Allied Expo located in Damascus.

Processing: slaughtering and processing of meat, processing of fish, poultry,processing of fruit and vegetables, sugar production, processing of dairy products and ice-cream, bakery and production of sweets and confectionery, equipment and material for beverage and brewery industry, processing of edible oils, additives, concentrates, ingredients and spices, cooling and refrigeration technologies, storage and transport of food products, packaging technologies and materials, cotton processing.

Agriculture: agricultural machinery, irrigation technologies, fertilizers, pesticides, products for soil improvement, hothouse technologies, crop and plant breeding, livestock breeding and fattening, stable technologies, feeding technology and fodder, animal health and veterinary science.

Food and Beverage Products: meat, milk, fish, vegetable and fruit products, cereals, basic foodstuffs, sweets, desserts, confectionary and bakery products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, soups, sauces and ready-to-serve meals, sweet and sour preserves, coffee and tea, health, ecological and wellness food, nutrition additives, dietetic and baby food, exotic food products and luxury foods.