September 14, 2010 to September 16, 2010
Centro de Convenções da Estação Embratel - Curitiba - Parana - Brazil
General Info


Technical people (veterinarians, Agronomists, Zootechnicians, Agrarian Technicians). Breeders, Business Executives and people linked to the Swine Production sector.

PorkExpo 2010

Parallel to the V Swine Production International Forum, a business fair dedicated to the Swine Production segment called PorkExpo 2010 will be held. There will be businesses dealing with equipment, genectics, nutrition, processing, reproduction, facilities and animal health, accommodated in a wide area of 3500 m2.

The PorkExpo Latin America was born in 2002 and in its very first edition became the largest event of the Latin-American swine production, with over 3.000 visitors and 1.500 attendees, breaking the absolute record of swine production events in Latin America.

In its second edition in 2004, PorkExpo left behind its characteristic of just a Latin American event and received participants from over 35 countries from all over the world and once again broke every record of attendance.

Due to this, from the 2006 Edition, PorkExpo Latin America was named PorkExpo.

In 2008 the Pork Expo consecrate itself the most important event of the segment with more than 20.000 visitors, in three days.

Only to dimension these numbers, today PorkExpo receives participants from over 46 countries. Today there is no other specific event for our sector gathering in just 3 days over 20.000 visitors, 2.500 attendees and over 100 participating businesses.


Pork Festival

Valorizing Swine Production and encouraging the consumption of Pork

On the evening of September 15th, 2010, at 19h, the "Pork Festival" will take place, in the external area of the Estação Embratel Convention Center.

Many companies will set up their stands to receive participants and serve pork-based dishes ("pig in the wheel", "Paraguayan-style pig", "boneless pig", "loin in the disk", nibbles, etc).

All of that in a very relaxed environment, with live music.

Business Meetings

Technical meetings of companies

Some companies have acquired the rights to make use of the auditoria of the IV Swine Production International Forum, and also to deliver technical lectures to its participants.
The participation of renowned world-class technicians is being announced for the lectures from 18:00 to 19:30, from September 14th through 16th.

Presentation of papers

Get to know the work of the future swine production's researchers.

The selected papers by the Scientific Committee will be presented in the form of a "Poster", through 15th and 16th of September 2010. Researchers interested in presenting their works can read the rules in the web site. The best papers of each area will be awarded with money and will be published in the PorkWorld magazine.

PORKWORLD Award of the Swine Production

The best representatives of the Brazilian swine production will be elected by the public and the awarding will happen at the Pork Expo. The Porkworld Award to the best representatives of the Brazilian swine production is back in 2008. With the aim to bring prestige to the work of those people involved in the swine production and that contribute to its development, the AnimalWorld Publisher presents the "PorkWorld Award of the Swine Production".

The big difference of this awarding is that it will be done by an online election and by a pre-established technical commission. With this measure, it is intended to hear the independent voice of hundreds of people that in the day to day of their work live with all those who devote their life to this important sector of our agribusiness.

Internet users can vote on those people who in their judgment execute outstanding works in the swine production. In order to vote access our web site.


Curitiba: Brazil´s businesses best city

 the best city of Brazil for businesses

Estação Embratel Convention Center

Harmoniously integrated with the former Railway Station of Curitiba, the Estação Embratel Convention Center is the most modern Convention Center of Latin America.

Over a radius of 1.300 Km., around its location, there lays the main economic points of Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre) and the other urban centers of the continent: Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Asunción.

The Estação Embratel Convention Center offers complete infrastructure of differentiated services for the holding of events, whatever the size and nature. With capacity to hold up to 5.000 people in simultaneous programs, the Estação

Embratel Convention Center boasts 25.000 square meters of built area, divided in three multiuse floors and roofed parking lot for 1.800 cars. The Estação Embratel Convention Center is a hallmark in the urban landscape of Curitiba. Over a radius of 3 Km. around its location there are over 30 3 and 5-star hotels, the financial, commercial and cultural center of the city, besides the best institutions of public service. All of that at 15 km of the International Airport Afonso Pena and at 800 meters of the Railway-Bus Station.

All the infrastructure to hold an unforgettable event.