Engormix Launches Brand New Video Service

Date of publication : 9/13/2007
Source : Engormix.com

ENGORMIX VIDEO is a new tool that will change our community.

It’s not fresh news the proliferation of video websites that are quickly reproducing on the Net.
Thanks to the release of videos in our community, a relevant form of approaching knowledge will be at the disposal of the 500.000 people that visit us every month.

Soon we will be watching clinical cases, product presentations, technical talks, and even our own presentation in a video format.

The image, the voice, all the features that make us unique are embodied in Video bringing us closer from the online world to the real one.

ENGORMIX VIDEO opens up an infinite possibility of transferring knowledge in a way that had never been imagined before. New generations of mobile phones will be transmitting high-resolution video that you will be able to release automatically to Engormix and offer to the whole community.

By including ENGORMIX VIDEO we want to keep moving along the road of permanent innovation, sharing tools that let you lead and optimize your business.

ENGORMIX VIDEO will be a new tool that will change our community.

In this first video, Engormix.com Director Carlos Pavesa introduces the new service:

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