Agri Technica 2004
Agri Technica 2004

Agri Technica 2004

November 8, 2004
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This International Agriculture Technology Symposium and Exhibition, to be held at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds, provides its visitors not only with a complete programme of agricultural machinery and many innovations. Last year, visitors used Agritechnica as a top-grade information event. The programme areas of the 1392 exhibitors, are: * Components, spare parts, accessories, GPS * Harvest recovery grain, maize, rape, forrage, root crops * Soil working and cultivation * Municipal applications, landscape care, summer and winter services * Management, organisations, consultancy, banks, insurances, science and research, publishers * Harvest processing, conservation, storage * Transport vehicles * Plant protection, fertilising * Tractors * Forestry technology * "Field vegetable growing, fruit farming, vegetable farming, viticulture, special crops" * Seed and plant care * Farm inputs - seed, fertilisers, plant protection agents, biotechnology, lubricants and fuels * Renewable raw materials, renewable energies * Irrigation, sprinkling and dewatering * Direct marketing * Used machine bourse The technical programme of Agritechnica 2003 comprised the following events: * The Special: Leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders showed the latest technology for precision application of commercial and organic fertilisers. The technical highlight at AGRITECHNICA 2003 was the Special "Fertilising and Plant Protection". How to achieve greater yields with fewer inputs. This is a major challenge for farmers. It lowers production costs and brings advantages for both the climate and the environment. Innovative technologies and processes are the prerequisites for added efficiency. In the AGRITECHNICA Special leading agricultural machinery firms as well as research and development organisations, together with the DLG, presented potentials, the latest developments, and functioning concepts for greater efficiency of farm inputs. * Conferences: The conference programme was once again a magnetic draw for international specialists in 2003 too. The following events were held: - International Agricultural Engineering Congress - 5th European Private Contractors Congress - 4th International Arable Farmers Conference - International Seed Congress - Eastern Europe Agricultural Engineering Conference - European Young Farmers and Agricultural Students Conference (incl. "Jobsearch") Note: The conferences offered simultaneous interpreting facilities in several languages. In addition there will again be many forums and other interesting sectoral events: * Forums: Discussions with experts at the Agritechnica Forums. And of course there were once again many forums and other interesting events. Agritechnica produces an innovations fireworks! Agricultural machinery manufacturers presented a veritable wealth of innovations. By the beginning of September 250 innovations had been registered with DLG. On the basis of strict criteria an impartial expert commission appointed by DLG has awarded altogether 7 innovations with Gold Medals and 31 innovations with Silver Medals from among the innovations registered on time. Each exhibitor is entitled to submit innovations to the DLG. After intensive information and discussion an impartial committee takes a majority decision on which products are to be awarded a Gold or Silver Medal. The Agritechnica Innovations Commission is made up of impartial experts from the fields of science, research and consultancy. In order to give more weight to the requirements of practical farming, the jury included future-oriented farmers for the first time in 2003. The members of the Commission guarantee that the decisions concerning awards are taken objectively and competently. They select those products that are to be awarded a Gold or Silver Medal on the basis of strict criteria from among all company innovations reported on time before the closing date for submissions. Agritechnica, successful in difficult times.