4th International Crop Science Congress
4th International Crop Science Congress

4th International Crop Science Congress

September 26, 2004
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We are delighted to invite you to attend the 4th International Crop Science Congress, to be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in Queensland, Australia from 26 September - 1 October 2004. 4ICSC will incorporate the 5th Asian Crop Science Congress (5ACSC) and the 12th Australian Agronomy Conference (12AAC). The program for 5ACSC is fully embedded within the 4ICSC program as special Asian focused symposia in each of the Congress themes. 4ICSC will also contain symposia specifically sponsored by the Australian Society of Agronomy as part of 12AAC. The combined program will review and harness the best science in all disciplines that must be integrated to achieve sustainable development in the great cropping systems that feed the world. 4ICSC will enhance the knowledge and skills base of the international crop science community as well as leading edge growers, industry policy-makers and agribusiness representatives who will all be invited to attend. There will be a large number of high-level international speakers. In addition, the scientific program will include technical visits to a number of diverse cropping areas near Brisbane. Don't miss beautiful Brisbane city in the southern hemisphere spring of 2004 - the congress social activities will provide a refreshing break from scientific sessions and afford delegates many chances to catch up with colleagues from around the world. The Congress 4ICSC will explore "New directions for a diverse planet". The world needs new approaches to meet the challenges of maintaining and enhancing food, feed and fibre supplies to a steadily increasing world population, and the associated challenge of sustaining the soil, water and biological resources that underpin global cropping impact on the wider environment. 4ICSC will deliver a scintillating and diverse scientific program, comprising invited oral plenary and symposia presentations. 4ICSC will provide a forum for crop scientists from the private and public sectors and other specialists from around the world to: • Integrate and apply knowledge from crop science to regional and global problems, • Present and discuss the most recent research developments and implications, • Develop recommendations for future thrusts in research, development and technology transfer, • Evaluate future scientific and educational needs and directions of crop-based agriculture, • Initiate and nurture international scientific and educational partnerships, and • Contribute to a comprehensive, written compendium on crop science. 5ACSC The 5ACSC scientific program will be embedded within the 4ICSC program and in addition, Asia focused sessions will be held on Thursday 30 September. Many symposia will deal with topics of particular relevance to crop science in Asia. The Asian Crop Science Association (ACSA) was formed in 1992 in order to focus attention on the need to develop efficient, stable and sustainable crop production systems in Asia. The ACSA has nine member countries and meets every three years to disseminate technological advances, share solutions to common crop production constraints, and forge scientific cooperation among scientists. 12AAC The 12th Australian Agronomy Conference (12AAC), sponsored by the Australian Society of Agronomy, caters for researchers interested in Australian agriculture and in relevant advances in agronomic research. In association with the ICSC, the 12AAC will provide Australian agronomists with access to leading international and Australian researchers addressing the challenges of world agriculture. It is planned that the congress will contain sessions specifically sponsored by the Australian Society of Agronomy, addressing topics such as pasture agronomy as well as providing for presentation of the Donald Medal Oration and the Society´s business meeting. The Australian Society of Agronomy (ASA) was formed in 1980 to advance the science, knowledge and practice of plant production in Australia by holding biennial national conferences, issuing publications, and encouraging the interchange of ideas between agronomists, primary producers and representatives of relevant commercial and government organizations. Membership is open to any person or company who is interested in the object of the Society. Who Should Attend Congress participants will be both public and private sector crop scientists, research managers, research funders, policy makers, agribusiness professionals and leading farmers from around the world, thus fostering consideration of the total global effort in crop science. Emphasis will be placed on having participation by crop scientists from developing countries, the International Agricultural Research Centres and the private sector. You should attend this congress if your organisation role or key interest lies in areas such as: • Crop Science • Agronomy • Resource Science • Agribusiness • Environment • Environmental Biotechnology • Plant Biotechnology • Policy making • Agrifood • Turf Grass and Crop Science • Plant Breeding • Agricultural Development On behalf of the 4ICSC organising committee, we look forward to welcoming you to the Congress!