Safe and efficient silage program. Keith Bolsen (Kansas State University)

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shah shah
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 5, 2015
hi sir . i am from pakistan . here peoples hates pig . i have my own pig farm , i want to use them as a finisher please tell me such type of feed additives and enzymes,probiotics which increases their feed efficiency and gets too heavy weight for finisher purpose.please tell me ingredients and concentration . in pakistan muslims hates pigs . so that,s why i need your help in this case . thanks
Kolli Rao Kolli Rao
April 6, 2015
You may not depend on probiotics.If you wish I do have a probiotic with yeast, lactic acid bacteria, B.subtilis, Rhodopseudomonas and green algae.It contains enzymes and minerals.I am using it in aquaculture.The same will be better for silage making or straw treatment.1kg powder to be dissolved in 200 lt.water and kept for 24hr.This liquid to be sprinkled 10 MT of maize with corn before ensiling.
Try to get similar product if available locally.
Jin-Seng Lin Jin-Seng Lin
April 6, 2015
We do have a probiotic product that was designed for domestic animals including pig. Please visit our website for more information. The websit is:, or contact our region manager of business, Mr. James Wang, at the phone number +886 980978529, or email address:
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