Calcium Nitrate Market to surpass USD 12.6 billion by 2025

Date of publication : 1/8/2020
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Global Calcium Nitrate Market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $8.5 billion to over $12.6 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.   

The worldwide calcium nitrate market size is touted to soar high in the upcoming years chiefly impelled by the increasing issues of wastewater disposal globally. It is prudent to mention that the calcium nitrate is used in wastewater treatment on the grounds of reducing the odor emission. Rising demands for clean water considering the environmental impact of biological contaminates, is estimated to stimulate the industry outlook over 2018-2025.

As per estimations, the reforms pertaining to the wastewater disposal are unheard and go unaddressed across the Asia Pacific region which is of late standing as one of the profitable grounds for the calcium nitrate industry. However, intensifying stress on the regions’ water resources has been rapidly increasing with the growing population and robust urbanization rates. The dearth in freshwater resources in tandem with insufficient water infrastructure for wastewater treatment are likely to open new growth avenues for the global calcium nitrate market in the emerging economies like India, China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Speaking in terms of the geographical standards, North America is stated to stand tall in the regional hierarchy of the calcium nitrate market. For the record, the region held over a considerable business share in 2017 and is probable to progress at a prodigious pace over the forecast period. This regional growth is attributed to the expansive agriculture and wastewater treatment industries spread across North America. Also, robust presence of myriad wastewater industries in the region would strengthen the business prospects by 2025.

Europe, on the other hand, is also likely to emerge as a major revenue pocket for the calcium market across the globe perhaps owing to the large scale consumption of calcium nitrate based molten salts. The product has upheld major traction due to its deployment in thermal energy industries for electricity generation via the solar power. The region is chiefly dominated by Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain.

The worldwide calcium nitrate industry is significantly fragmented into the grade segment which is highly characterized by fertigation grade calcium nitrate sector. The fertigation process is useful in supplying fertilizers and various other nutrients to the agricultural crops via the irrigation water. The primary parameter that drives the market trends include the material’s high calcium content and its ability to enhance the calcium deficiency in the crops.

Calcium nitrate market size from the fertilizers segment has been exponentially proliferating over the past few years accounting to the increasing health cognizance and legislative norms pertaining to augmenting the yield quality and boosting profitability from the agricultural trade.

Estimates claim that fertilizers segment commanded a major stance across the application gamut of the calcium nitrate market in 2017 is anticipated to grow profusely at an appreciable growth rate in the ensuing years.

The competitive landscape of global calcium nitrate industry is highly diversified. Various industry mammoths including Yara International ASA, Sterling Chemicals, and others, are undertaking umpteen initiatives to expand their business strategically to sustain their geographical presence in the upcoming years. This is supported by the breakthrough expansion of Yara International’s fertilizer facility in Norway in the early 2015. The expansion is claimed to have costed the company a revenue of USD 350 million.


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