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Micro dosing. Jesma

Micro dosing. Jesma - My activity
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Date: December 19, 2019

Micro dosing. Jesma

Discussion created on 12/19/2019

Automatic dosing systems have gradually become one of the most important areas in process plants that produce animal feed, the savings that have been achieved by reducing waste as well as the overdoses of critical raw materials have reduced significantly annual operation costs with a notable increase in quality of the final product. In summary, what is achieved by using automatic dosing systems: • We avoid cross contamination of micro ingredients • More freedom of formulation for adding new recipes • We avoid stopping production due to lack or delay of the micro ingredients to be mixed • We avoid waste and / or disposal of final products due to its poor quality / uniformity • We avoid supervision, control and manual mixing of ingredients by operators (labor is reduced) • Reduction of maintenance and cleaning of the mixing and dosing area (Elimination of spills) • We comply with environmental regulations (Avoiding the disposal of hazardous materials) • We comply with local health regulations, preventing operators from inhaling dusts that in some cases can be carcinogenic • Trace ability of the dosed ingredients, mixtures and batches. • Reduction of human errors due to spillage and especially overdose of vitamins and additives that are usually expensive products.

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