U.S to record high consumption of specialty animal feed additives

Date of publication : 10/17/2022
Source : https://www.gminsights.com/industry-analysis/north-america-specialty-animal-feed-additives-market

Increasing focus on the nutritive value and well-being of farmed animals on account of growing meat consumption will potentially drive the demand for specialty animal feed additives in North America. There is a noticeable deficiency of essential nutrients in animal diets that usually is a mix of maize, wheat, and soybean meal.

Specialty animal feed additives in animal nutrition are ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, preservatives, and antioxidants, that are added in small quantities to strengthen and preserve their properties. They improve the quality of the feed as well as enhance animal health, like digestibility of the consumed substances. These materials are also effective to increase the food quality derived from these animal sources.

Apart from this, the feed additives also look after the reduction of the environmental footprint incurred due to animal production. These factors are likely to add impetus to the consumption of various types of specialty animal feed additives across different livestock in the American region. As per reports, the North America specialty animal feed additives market size will reach an annual value of more than USD 286.9 million by 2026.

Intense potential across poultry

The demand for specialty feed additives across poultry applications is anticipated to rise at a significant growth rate owing to the presence of mycotoxins in the feed that enhance animal performance. There is a growing requirement to reduce the use of antibiotics on these farmed animals.

The development of recognized pathogens like salmonella, escherichia, and campylobacter in the poultry sector could also affect animal health. The consistent consumption of chicken and eggs in North American countries like the U.S. and Canada has driven the need for achieving better fertility and maximizing the performance of the livestock.

U.S. to record considerable footprint

U.S. is one of the major meat consuming countries in North America and this region is estimated to amass a significant revenue share for the industry. This can be owed to the increasing population and their willingness to spend on high-quality food. There is also the presence of favorable regulations in the country pertaining to the incursion of specialty additives in animal feed. As per the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), components added to the animal feed must comply with Generally Recognized as Safe for that use (GRAS) or the other existing food additive regulations.

Marketing initiatives to enhance global presence

Specialty animal feed additive manufacturers in North America are implementing numerous marketing strategies and capacity expansions to meet the rising requirements for the product across the globe. For instance, Cargill launched its new premix animal nutrition facility situated at Lewisburg, Ohio in January 2021. This facility will deploy some of the latest technologies in animal agriculture and pet food production.

The present COVID-19 pandemic considerably hampered the industry forecast to a certain extent in the initial days of the industrial lockdown. However, the demand and supply of the additives have now gradually picked up speed with the resumption of all the agricultural and livestock activities.

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