8th International Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology Trade Fair

8th International Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology Trade Fair

June 6, 2011 to June 8, 2011
Tehran International Exhibition Center - Teheran - Iran
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Organisers expect more than 40,000 visitors.
Iranian food technology imports increase by 23% to US $ 360.8 million in 2010 (VDMA)

iran food + bev tec 2011 takes place on the background of heavily growing Iranian food technology imports. According to VDMA - The German Engineering Association, Iranian imports of food processing and food packaging equipment, in 2010, have increased by 23% to US$ 360.8 million, compared to US$ 293.1 million in 2009. Germany, Italy, China, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands have been the main supplier countries.

With 313 exhibitors from 22 countries and 40,000+ visitors expected, the 18th International Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology Trade Fair provides an ideal business platform for both, foreign food-technology exporters and Iranian food producers wishing to upgrade their production facilities. The leading trade show for the country''s food and beverage industry will take place at the Tehran International Fairgrounds from 06 - 09 June 2011.

No doubt, the Iranian food technology market becomes ever more important. Exporters of food processing equipment into the Middle East during the past few years made good business in Iran, now being the most important market for major international players with interest in the region. Especially producers of material and technology for baking, beverage production, confectionery, dairy processing, egg processing, fruit and vegetable processing, laboratory equipment, meat processing, noodle processing, packaging and refrigeration note an enormous boost of their sales activities in Iran.
iran food+bev tec is held under the auspices of the Iranian ministry of jihad - agriculture and the ministry of industries and mines. Many national and international market leaders participate, as well as a large number of international group participations:

    Austria through Gesell Co. and fairtrade 

    China through fairtrade China
France through adepta

    Germany through fairtrade, supported by VDMA- The German Engineering Federation
Italy through ICE-The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, Rome and Tehran and Org. Caselli

    Spain through Ana Mamarbachi Intl. Business
Turkey through Forum Fairs and Promotion

The organisers Palar Samaneh of Tehran and fairtrade of Germany expect a very successful iran food+bev tec in 2011. Thousands of hands-on technological innovations and trends for all stages of the food and beverage processing chain are to be presented. The target is to increase the degree of automation in production, to improve the monitoring of all processes and to ensure consumer safety by hygiene-oriented machine design.

To create valuable synergies for exhibitors and trade visitors alike, iran food + bev tec 2011 will again take place concurrently with "iran food + hospitality" (this year with 462 exhibitors from 20 countries) and "iran agro"  (121 exhibitors from 7 countries), the three dedicated events building the frame of "iran agrofood 2011" with altogether 896 exhibitors from 32 countries in 2011.

iran food + bev tec is an ''UFI Approved Event'' as the organisers have earned this quality label for iran food & bev tec in October 2009 as "certification of the highest level of professional exhibition standards" (UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). 

According to official figures of the IIEC Iran International Exhibition Co., 43,589 visitors (+32.7%) had been registered for the three events iran agro, iran food + hospitality and iran food + bev tec 2010.
The most important visitor groups:

    17,511 private sector CEOs, GMs, commercial and purchasing directors, ...
    8,871 governmental sector officers
    5,643 university and research sector, professors, students, ...
    11,564 public visitors

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