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Studies on FTM Wood Pellet Machine at Home

Studies on FTM Wood Pellet Machine at Home
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Walnut, California, Estados Unidos de América

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Compared with the wood pellet mills at abroad, pellet mills at home have defects like unreasonable structure, low working efficiency and high energy consumption. The wood pellet mills at home are a little weaker in the global competition. But, studies on wood pellet mill at home never stop.

In recent years, there are many studies on wood pellet mill at home. Firstly, let’s come to see the study on structure and performance of wood pellet machine. Cao kang makes the detailed introduction on principle and technologies of fodder processing machinery. One paper with name unknown introduces a kind of high-efficient and automatic wood pellet mill.

Li Runping makes a study on controlling the key factors in using wood pellet machine to make the Chinese-medicine pellets. Here comes the overview on controlling systems of wood granulation machine. Zhang Peijian establishes the double-input and double-output mathematical model on modulator unit, makes the decoupling design and studies the automatic-control system.

To improve the controlling effect, Professor Zhang introduces the controlling technology of forecasting function into automatic control. Wang Binbin introduces the automatic-control system of wood granulation machine and offers the technological inference for improving the automatic-control level.

Li Xiuhua presents the PLC, which can upgrade the controlling system on pelletizing the pill coating. As a supplier of wood pellet mill in Henan, China, FTM China Machinery dedicates to offering the best products and services for you. Leave your material and email on website to get the price, brochure and PDF of wood granulation machine!

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