Elevage Expo 2004
Elevage Expo 2004

Elevage Expo 2004

September 30, 2004
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The Mediterranean Exhibition for Stock-Farming and Livestock Feeding (Elevage Expo) is conceived in such a way as to give renewed impetus to the field of livestock productions, in partnership with the Tunisian Office for Stocking-Farming and Pasture-Lands, the SPACE at Rennes (France), the SIPSA (Algeria), and the Dawajin (Morocco). Within a market witnessing full expansion, The Mediterranean Exhibition for Stock-Farming and Livestock Feeding (Elevage Expo) visibly positions itself in the range of highly sophisticated products and machinery items, in response to the requirements of livestock productions. The Mediterranean Exhibition for Stock-Farming and Livestock Feeding (Elevage Expo) facilitates the interface with professional meetings and exchange in the area of livestock productions, as well as with the environment and the firms wishing to develop their business portfolios through a convenient exhibition at the halls of the Sousse International Trade Fair. The Mediterranean Exhibition for Stock-Farming and Livestock Feeding (Elevage Expo) is equally the unavoidable assembly-point for all institutional parties working in the sector, as it allows them to demonstrate their theoretical and practical know-how presented to the interested audience through seminars, round tables, and partnership meetings in concurrence with the exhibition proper. The Mediterranean Exhibition for Stock-Farming and Livestock Feeding (Elevage Expo) is an international exhibition reserved for professionals in livestock productions allowing participants not only to exhibit commercial products but also to develop exchanges between exhibitors and visitors. A Scientific Forum During the exhibition, will be held two meetings during which will be developed the following topics: 1.The traceability new needs for the die livestock production: Interest, Methods, Means. 2.Payment for milk on a quality basis. 3.Alternatives to antibiotics in the livestock food: Methods, legislation produced. In its second version , The Med Food exhibition will be an open door for the operators of the following sectors: - Slaughtering and transformation of meats - Artificial incubation: stock and equipment - Nutritional and complementary additives for livestock - Equipment and food distribution systems for livestock - Formulating, manufacturing, and commercializing food for livestock - Equipment for manufacturing food for livestock at factory and on farm - Equipment for transporting and delivering raw materials and animal foods - Equipment for storing raw materials and animal foods at factory and on farm - Weigh-bridges and machines for weighing livestock, raw materials, and livestock foods - Stock-farming constructions: conception and design, construction materials, insulation, lighting, ventilation, heating, and deodorizing… - Livestock health products: medicine, vaccines, … - Livestock hygiene products: disinfectants, disinfecting products… - Equipment for egg-sorting centers: weight, caliber, … - Milking equipment: milking units, freezing, … - Livestock performance monitoring: milk, meats, … - Water: treatment and monitoring - Wrapping and conditioning equipment - Fodder seeds - Sowing and harvesting equipment - Services related to stock-farming: banks, insurances, training, advice, software programs, media, and the press … - All other activity relevant to the sector of livestock productions If you are among the last operators, indoubtedly, Elevage Expo will be the best opportunity to fulfil the commercial and institution al objectives. 15,000 Visitors Expected to Attend 3,500 m2 Net Exhibition Area 150 Exhibitors The Mediterranean Exhibition of the Breeding and the Animal Nutrition is opportunity for all the exhibitors: • To communicate with the professionals of the breeding sector. • Develop business relationships with new partners. • To promote its breeding and livestock products on a wide scale. Elevage Expo 2004: The New Gap!