2004 Joint Annual Meeting of the ADSA, ASAS, and PSA
2004 Joint Annual Meeting of the ADSA, ASAS, and PSA

2004 Joint Annual Meeting of the ADSA, ASAS, and PSA

July 26, 2004
United States
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The 2004 Joint Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA), American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), and the Poultry Science Association (PSA) will be the second joint meeting of these three groups, to be held at the America´s Center, 701 Convention Plaza, Saint Louis, Missouri. This meeting serves as an international forum to gather vital information for the future of animal agriculture and will attract over 3,500 scientists/researchers with diverse and common interests from around the globe. Interests include food science, dairy production, animal and human nutrition, livestock transport, food safety, transgenics and cloning, production and management, and web-based information programs. Over 1500 poster presentations, 75 exhibits, and 30 symposia will be sure to motivate the world´s leading animal, dairy, poultry, and food scientists. Once again, the Exhibit Hall will host the Poster Presentations, Cyber Café, Job Placement Center, and ADSA Foundation Auction Preview. Make plans now to attend the 2004 Joint Annual Meeting. It´s an opportunity you can´t afford to miss! Program Areas • ADSA Southern Branch and the Northeast Branch/Section of ADSA and ASAS • Graduate Student Paper Contests—ADSA Dairy Foods and Production Division (National), Northeast ADSA/ASAS Branch/Section, and Southern ADSA Branch • Alpharma Beef Cattle Nutrition • Animal Behavior and Well Being • Animal Health • Beef Species • Bioethics • Breeding and Genetics • Companion Animals • Dairy Foods • Extension Education • Combined Extension Workshop • Goat Species • Growth and Development • Horse Species • International Animal Agriculture • Lactation Biology • Physiology and Endocrinology • Poultry • Poultry Informal Nutrition Conference • Poultry Ancillary Scientists Symposium • World´s Poultry Science Association Lectureship (U.S. and Canadian Branch) • Poultry • Production and Management • Ruminant Nutrition • Swine Species • Triennial Growth Symposium • Women and Minority Issues in Animal Agriculture