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Shrimp Nutrition

Shrimp Nutrition. Josef Barbi (E.S.E. Intec)

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George Atanassov George Atanassov
March 5, 2012

Great video. Very interesting. We are small shrimp producer. We are interested in small feed facility. Please contact me for future information.
Best regards

Jack Rovics Jack Rovics
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
August 7, 2013

I have more questions than comments. The one comment that I have is that I found your talk very informative. I am a Phd in Animal Nutrition, but have very limited knowledge of fish and shrimp nutritition. However, I feel that I may be able to apply some of my knowledge to the nutrional quality of their diets. You mentioned the addition of fats and I assume that they may be saturated. Have you done any work regarding the value of saturated fats vs. unsaturated.? Also, do you make use of edible fats?

With regard to the heat used in processing shrimp pellets, have you determined that there is damage to the proteins via the maillard browning reaction? Many years ago I had contact with a shrimp production facility in Costa Rica and the protein content of the pellet was 40%. I believe now, the protein level used is 30%. I commented to myself that the reason for the higher level of protein was due to heat processing damage and the reversion to the lower protein level was due to better heat control. With regard to protein levels has there been any studies where amino acids are added to the feed at levels designed to meet the shrimp needs and at the same time reducing the total protein levels of the feed. how do you determine the homogeneity of the feed? Many years ago when I was with a vitamin producer and blender, we detemined homogeneity of feed by adding a lnown amount of riboflavin or pantothenic acid to the feed and then determined if our assays agreed with the amount added.

Indra Suharman Indra Suharman
Animal Nutritionist
September 2, 2016
I am interested with this video and want to deliver it to my undergraduate students. For that, how could get this video file? Thank you very much for your kind attention and help

Best regards,

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