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Aquaculture: the Blue Revolution and Phileo by Lesaffre

Date of publication : 10/20/2020
Company : Phileo by Lesaffre
Source : Phileo by Lesaffre

In recent years, the global aquaculture industry has overcome many obstacles, especially those related to disease outbreaks, environmental regulations and market volatility. In future, however, increasing pressures and challenges are anticipated due to water scarcity, wild stock overfishing, antibiotic resistance and climate change.

Phileo by Lesaffre and the Blue Revolution

The blue revolution is raising the demand for cutting-edge solutions to enable producers to thrive while protecting natural resources by promoting increasingly sustainable technologies and practices, such as recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS).

At Phileo by Lesaffre, we provide a complete range of solutions based on yeast and bacterial probiotics, purified yeast fractions and other specialised fermentation-based products, with proven applications across a wide variety of aquaculture species such as shrimp, tilapia, salmonids, sea bass, grouper, carp, crab, etc.

Founded on strict science-based product developments and field trials, our efforts are dedicated to the generation of innovative solutions to enhance fish performance and improve health through nutrition.

Improved performance and stress management through sustainable nutrition

We develop innovative yeast-based solutions, creating alternative diets with reduced fishmeal, high performance and precision nutrition feeds, and early growth stage rations. Increasing feed efficiency and palatability are critical to the improvement of growth rates and the achievement of optimal economic results. Likewise, maximising feed digestibility is of paramount importance to the reduction of nutrient excretion and its potential impact on the environment.

Stress is a constant feature of current aquaculture routines, either generated by the natural environment or management practices. Such factors are capable of impairing growth rates and feed efficiency, while also undermining an animal’s pathogen defence system. We develop natural antioxidants and immune enhancers to mitigate and counteract oxidative stress throughout all production stages.

Disease prevention and antibiotic reduction

The global aquaculture industry fully supports antibiotic reduction, alongside usage for essential treatments only, responding to growing safety concerns and the introduction of increasingly strict regulations. Disease anticipation and prevention are vital to avoid on-farm outbreaks and mass mortalities. We develop specialist yeast fractions based on primary cultures to reduce pathogen pressures in the gut, stimulate the innate immune response, optimise vaccine response and improve gut integrity.

Gut health

The balance of fish and shrimp microbiota, which plays a key role in animal health, can be significantly disrupted by environmental factors such as feed type, antinutritional factors, physiological stages, etc. Preventing and avoiding dysbiosis through water microbial management and feed supplementation can be valuable in reducing the risks associated with diseases and suboptimal environments. We develop innovative yeast fractions, yeast probiotic and bacterial probiotics to support microbiota balance and improve gut health by preventing and reducing intestinal injuries and inflammation.

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