Kurt A. Rosentrater
Assistant Professor
Research and development on raw grains, feed ingredients, feed processing operations, and feed use in animal diets. I am also active in the design of grain and feed milling factories.
Assistant Professor
Article published the 2 from December from 2014
Introduction  The objective of this article is to briefly describe the most common ethanol coproducts, how they are produced, and typical nutrient compositions. Rapid growth of the ethanol industry in the United States over the last decade has generated large quantities of ethanol coproducts, which are now commonly available as feedstuffs for livestock. These coproducts are often added to li ...
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In the U.S., most DDGS is produced by rotary dryers, although ring dryers have become more popular in recent years. In the U.S., sun or belt drying is not used.
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News published on 16 from January from 2014
Kurt Rosentrater, an assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, has been named the new executive director and chief executive officer of the Distiller Grains Council. The council's purpose is to promote and educate the agriculture community on the usage of distiller grains, a fairly new concept within the agriculture world. Rosentrater grew up on a family farm in northwest I ...
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Article published the 17 from October from 2013
Background The use of aquaculture feeds in Bangladesh has grown substantially in the past few years, and now over 1 million tonnes of commercial pelleted feed are being formulated for use by aquaculture farmers. An estimated further 0.4 million tonnes of locally-formulated and processed diets are also being prepared by small village-based feed-making enterprises. Rapid growth in use of formulate ...
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Article published the 1 from January from 1
Introduction Distillers grains (DG) originating from the corn-based fuel ethanol industry are an excellent source of energy and non-rumen degradable protein, and are an effective ingredient for dairy cattle diets. However, in spite of competitive price when compared to other protein sources and their high availability in the market, DG are not always sought as a dietary ingredient by some nutrit ...
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