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Well! I have no reason to acknowledge the efforts made by Fernando II & followed by Fernando Tamames III in the last 30 years. They took it as service to this industry and their contributions are worth admiring and the biggest of all, in my opinion, is not only selling toxin binder but the amount of awareness created by them is amazing. They are focused on the quality of clay and committed to ...
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There is no second thought about it and it must be implemented immediately and very rightly said in earlier comment that "late to never too late.Secondly, FDA must look into it very seriously on the global level and these regulations should not be meant only for developed country where health standards are high as compared to third world countries. The companies producing Feed Grade Antibiotics sh ...
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Mr. Mian Tariq Pervaiz of Tarobina Corp. is a distributor of Special Nutrients' products in Pakistan.
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Dear Mr. Carlos, Indeed a very good article and explained in the simplest manner for readers. This problem originates from storage and I would humbly submit to the feed millers & grain handling companies to improve storage to minimise mycotoxins problems. Not only this effort will improve quality of meat but will certainly gave an extra satisfaction of serving the humanity by providing qualit ...
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There is no doubt about the continuous hard work put in by Special Nutrients Inc family in creating awareness, perhaps the only company to conduct scientific trials and putting it forward to the benefits of farmers around the world. We congratulate them on their achieving 25 years of service to the industry all over the world. We wish them good luck in the years to follow. Mian Tariq, Tarobina ...
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I think its a good move to introduce Special Nutrients range of products in this region. VIV Asia is very easily excessable sourcing hub. I must add and admire the hard work done by Fernando family to create awareness in the field of Toxins and that is the reason, Myco Ad is a premier product and going on and serving this industry for years whereby many other products came and vanished. I am also ...
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Well, it's a good and would it be right to say that the old methodology was more friendly and useful. Secondly, everywhere there is a talk about biosecurity and how are we going to care for that? Will this technology be able to produce as much as the requirement of today and at what cost and will it yet allow human hands and error? I am in no capacity to challenge the writer for his efforts, bu ...
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